Do You Know Why You Are Losing Your Hair?

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Do you know why you are losing hair? There is no standard answer to this question and this is why if you are experiencing abnormal hair loss it is recommended that you see your general practitioner or a certified trichologist.

Do You Know Why You Are Losing Your HairHair loss for anyone is traumatic and should not be taken lightly. It can affect men as well as women. The key here folks is to seek help as soon as you notice it so that you can solve the issue effectively and ask some important questions to determine what could be contributing to your hair loss:

Is it genetics?

It is quite possible that you inherited your hair loss from either your father or mother’s side of the family. It is also believed that hormonal imbalances contribute to hair loss.

Is it the medication your taking?

More often than naught medication does contribute to hair loss. Conditions like, diabetes, thyroid, heart disease, birth control or acne medication could be the main contributors to hair loss.

Is It Stress?

Stress can disrupt the flow of blood to capillaries which cuts off the abundant supply of vitamins and nutrients needed for healthy hair growth.

Is it my diet?

A healthy balanced diet is the key to promotion of healthy hair. This is where it all starts. Essential vitamins in the form of zinc, iron, niacin, biotin as well antioxidant rich foods to fight free radicals and protein are needed for healthy hair growth and prevent hair loss.


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