Fueled by an intense passion for all things within the health, beauty and wellness realm, Lois Hines brings considerable knowledge in her role as a savvy and formidable entrepreneur – serving her customers and community at large through her dedication to nurturing the internal and external self.

mshinesAs the co-founder of Tropic Isle Living, a health, beauty and wellness brand specializing in products which contain all-natural, nourishing ingredients sourced from her homeland of Jamaica, Lois Hines deftly applies her more than 20 years of experience towards developing and marketing an extensive array of product offerings. The Tropic Isle Living product line thoroughly represents her philosophy of drawing from the abundance and restorative essence of nature to fully embrace one’s internal and outer health and beauty. It is this wellness-centric approach to hair and skincare that perfectly encapsulates her business and life mantra: “be bold, be beautiful, be you.”

From the tender age of seven, Lois developed a fascination with hair and beauty, conceptualizing elaborate hairstyles while her sister Lorna brought her creations to life. This passion carried through her adolescence right on to college, where she first attended Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, then Lehman College in the Bronx, NY, ultimately earning a Bachelor of Science degree in philosophy. After graduation, Lois landed at Sundial Herbs, a Bronx-based retailer specializing in traditional herbal products and remedies. It was there that the seeds of her passion for beauty and wellness rooted in nature were planted, serving as the impetus for her entrepreneurial journey with the launch of Tropic Isle Living with her husband Michael Hines at the age of 21.

While cultivating her new business, Lois concurrently established the foundation of her overall business expertise and further honed her customer service experience. She served as an assistant with Glorious Foods, a catering company serving such celebrity clientele as Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters, and former New York City mayor, the Honorable Michael Bloomberg, among others. From there, Lois took a position as Administrative Director with Design Continuum, Inc. in Atlanta, GA, an influential interior design firm.


Since 2008, Lois has been committed full time to Tropic Isle Living, disseminating the importance of attentiveness to one’s overall well-being through nature – a message and cause her devoted and loyal customer base has eagerly embraced. And the beauty industry at large has taken note of her efforts as well; for her ongoing commitment to her community through her health and beauty enterprise, Lois has been honored with a 2012 CVS Mirror Mirror Award.

Lois resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and business partner, Michael Hines and their two children.--

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