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Name: Dayna Bolden
Residence: Baltimore Maryland

til the fall - itsdaynadane1. What is your favorite Tropic Isle Living product and why?
Khus Khus Body Butter because it makes my skin feel very soft and moisturized and gives it a very pretty glow.

2. When did you decide to embrace your natural hair and beauty?
I decided to embrace my natural hair in 2012. I was tired of my hair breaking and getting relaxers. My goal when I first went natural was to grow super big and long healthy hair. But I later found out that I love my hair short, so now the key for me is retaining the health of my hair. I am so glad that I decided to embrace my natural hair, because now I can’t see having it any other way.

3. How do you prep your hair and skin differently in the Fall/Winter seasons?
Moisture is a major key for me in the fall winter months. Since the weather is very cold were I live I prep differently by ensuring my hair and skin is extra moisturized at all times.

4. What is your one must have Fall fashion and beauty item?
My must have Fall fashion item is cute booties. You can’t go wrong if you have super cute booties to pair with your outfits. And for beauty my must have Fall item is my Khus Khus Body Butter, love that stuff especially for this time of year.

5. What are your social media platforms? List them:

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