Strong Roots Pre-Shampoo Oil Treatment

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Use Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Pimento Hair Growth Oil as your pre-shampoo oil treatment to stimulate, strengthen and moisturize. Pre-shampoo oil treatments help to loosen dead cells from the scalp and help provide antioxidant benefits.
Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Red Pimento Oil increases blood circulation to the scalp and provide valuable nutrients to the “roots”. It strengthens the hair shaft and removes toxins and parasites that may retard hair growth. It also adds moisture and sheen to the hair.
strong roots pre-shampoo oil treatmentPre-shampoo oil treatments tend to soothe and soften especially if there is a lot of product build up on the hair and scalp.
What are the benefits of a pre-shampoo oil treatment with Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Red Pimento Hair Growth Oil?
•    Can be applied overnight and washed out in the morning in order to optimize antioxidant benefits.
•    Easy comb through
•    Use of less conditioner.
Please note that if you have fine hair or oily scalp this routine should be limited.

How To:
•   Tropic Isle Living Strong Roots Hair Growth Oil can be warmed before application to the scalp. It is said that this can help with the hair’s ability to absorb the oil.
•    Apply the oil to the edges and work toward the temple area. Massage slowly and in a circular motion towards the temple. The from temple area to the nape area.
•    Apply to hair length from scalp to ends, gently.
•    Cover your hair with a plastic cap/ shower cap. Use a towel or head wrap that will accommodate sleeping over your plastic cap if you wish to leave in overnight, 30 minutes if you are going to rinse same day.
Shampoo and condition as you would in your normal routine. Create your desired style! Repeat in another 2- 3weeks.
Til’ Next Time, Walk Good!

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